Technical Training

We have teamed up with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Research, Skills Development & Vocational Training and Kandyan Heritage & the Tertiary Vocational Educational Centre in providing Technical Education and Training for students along with a secure future with a job at our Institution or elsewhere, we take candidates from all around the country.

Our Training Institute was awarded with four (04) Courses by the TVEC – to train and deliver professional Technicians with the qualification of NVQ Level 4 Certificate; Industrial Plumbing Technicians, Industrial Mechatronics Technicians, Welding Technicians, Machinist Technicians, Fabricator Metal.

Our aim is to bring out the youth who has not been able to show their talents in their O/L and A/L, the unfortunate students gets automatically pushed away from the community and some even from their own families, this have become a practice and followed in the past, By giving the right awareness to these youngsters we have been able to get their attention, by conducting Awareness programs and Career Guidance Programs we’ve made them understand how important it is to get in to the right path of Training and this could make their future brighter.

We even encourage “Differently able people” to join us at our Institute so that they can too secure their future, since we have already employed Disabled People at our factory, we understand their needs.

We provide free text book, accommodation, Safety equipment & Safety Shoes, Insurance during OJT, T-shirts/Uniform and also we provide our Trainees with Soft skills, Basic knowledge of Computer, along with all other facilities given to our staff members at IIAL.

Further, the Management has invested in properties to build a training centre and hostels with the intention of opening doors for youth in rural areas to get skill knowledge in areas such as Electrical / Mechatronics / Welding / Fabrication etc., to fill the vacuum that had been created in the job market.

The Training Institute is forecasting to fill vacancies currently existing in the industry with the trained youngsters and these youngsters will have an opportunity to serve both Locally and Globally

Sustainable Agriculture

An Agriculture venture that is equipped to produce high-value produce by using sustainable farming methods and modern technology. This business was established to generate organic products  for the local and export Market.

Our Agro-Establishments are located in several locations around the country including our own 27 Acre land in Dambulla and Research labs located in Delgoda and Rathmalana, furthermore several Model farms located in Putupagal and Dekatana surrounding area .

We combine state-of-the-art technology alongside traditional methods to develop a sustainable agriculture model, which includes mitigation of risks posed by adverse climatic conditions, we promote the use of organic solutions for fertilizing and pest control over chemical based methods. Consumer safety, food security and environmental sustainability are the major factors the company is concerned about.

The company uses internationally accepted food safety standards and good agricultural practices, that create produce that contains the wholesome goodness and nutritional value required for nourishment. We also make substantial investments in our research and development facilities which include rice breeding, soil labs, seed labs, food labs and tissue culture labs and work with reputed overseas principals for developing modern technologies comprising high yielding and naturally pest resistant crop varieties in the country.

In addition, its own crop and livestock farms strive to transfer technological knowledge to the farming community of Sri Lanka introducing new agricultural technologies