Our Services


We at Illukkumbura Industrial Automation (Pvt) Ltd., specialize in electrical infrastructure development with comprehensive technical and innovative solutions. With our years of experience in the field, we are dedicated to deliver reliable and efficient power distribution solutions tailored to meet the requirements of our clients.

We offer design, installation, and commissioning for electrical power distribution systems including supply and installation of electrical switchboards, control panels and capacitor banks.

Our team of skilled engineers and technicians possess an in-depth knowledge and experience in Electrical Engineering projects and is equipped to handle projects from small-scale to large in any challenging conditions. All our installations are designed with safety and reliability as top priorities. We use technically robust industrial solutions in our engineering designs.


Lightning and surge protection systems are crucial to safeguard buildings / structures, electrical systems, and equipment’s from the destructive forces of lightning strikes and electrical surges. We have more than three decades of experience in the field of lightning and surge protection systems. We offer supply, installation, and commissioning services for lightning and surge protection systems and grid earthing systems.

  • Equipment Protection: Our protection systems minimize the risk of damage, ensuring the longevity and reliability of sensitive devices.

  • Safety: Lightning strikes pose a significant safety hazard, potentially leading to fires or electrical shocks. By directing lightning currents safely to the ground - the system reduces the risk of these hazards.

  • Continuity of Operations: Surge protection systems help to maintain uninterrupted operations by preventing electrical disruptions and downtime caused by power surges.


Medium Voltage (MV) installation is a key component of the electrical power distribution system that facilitates the transformation and distribution of electrical energy from the transmission level to end-users.

As a trusted leader in the industry, we understand the critical role of these installations play in power distribution and ensure the efficient and reliable supply of electricity.

We offer supply, installation & testing of MV gantry, transformers and MV Cabling.


Fire is one of the most destructive forces in nature. Fire detection systems are responsible for detecting the presence of smoke, heat, or flames, indicating the presence of a fire or possibility of an ignition. These systems typically include smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors and fire alarm control panels.

Fire protection systems are designed to suppress or extinguish fires once they have been detected without any delays. Our rapid protection systems include automatic fire sprinkler systems, foam fire suppression systems and manual fire extinguishers.

Our expertise includes designing, supplying, and installation of intelligent fire alarm systems, fire protection systems, gas suppression systems, and sprinkler systems.


We offer a wide range of intelligent, energy-saving lighting control designs and installations for commercial projects in diverse industries. Our solutions provide numerous benefits, including reduced energy consumption, enhanced sustainability, improved space illumination, lower utility costs, and increased occupant comfort. All our energy management solutions include:

  • Energy Management Systems: Allow users the ability to maximize operational efficiency, reduce energy usage and improve financial performance. The energy management system provides real time monitoring data, alarming and power quality analysis to help building owners avoid conditions that can cause equipment failures and downtime, further provide energy analytics tools to manage energy efficiency and sustainability programs.

  • Occupancy Sensors: Which controls the lights automatically to turn on and off the lights when necessary to provide the best light level for the occupants.

  • Daylight Harvesting Systems: Utilize natural daylight to supplement or replace artificial lighting in commercial spaces.

  • Building Management Systems: Integrated building management platform that lets the end user to monitor, manage, and control building operations on a single platform. The software allows to turn data from connected devices, sensors, and systems into actionable intelligence.

  • Time-Based Controls: These controls enable the scheduling the illumination of lighting zones, controlling the air-conditioning systems. These simple controls will ensure all services are managed in an efficient manner.

  • Customized Lighting Solutions: Customized lighting designs and solutions start with your unique needs and vision. We tirelessly work with you every step of the way to provide an innovative and aesthetically pleasing custom lighting solution for your need.


We are a registered solar equipment supplier and installer with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka.

We ensure that our products are high-quality and all our products are approved by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka and comply with the IEC Standard.

With ongoing advancements in solar technology and favorable incentives, solar power continues to be an attractive choice for businesses pursuing energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.


Extra Low Voltage systems and CCTV camera systems are integral components of modern infrastructure, contributing significantly to security, safety, and operational efficiency in various environments, including residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The ELV systems include features such as access control systems, burglar alarms, and perimeter security solutions. With BMS (Building Management Systems) ELV systems enable centralized monitoring, control, and management of critical building functions.


We specialize in providing reliable emergency breakdown services in electrical and fire systems. We understand the critical importance of maintaining a safe and functional environment in the face of unforeseen electrical or fire-related emergencies. Electrical emergencies can occur at any time, causing disruptions, safety hazards, and potential damage. Our team of experienced electricians is available 24/7 to respond swiftly to such emergencies. Whether it's a power outage, electrical malfunction, wiring issue, or circuit overload, we have the expertise to diagnose and resolve the problems efficiently. Our priority is to restore power and ensure the safety of your premises and occupants.

In the event of a fire system failure emergency, quick response and effective action is important. Our highly trained technicians specialize in fire detection and protection systems and are equipped to handle various fire detection and protection related technical failures. We offer comprehensive fire installation emergencies such as fire alarm troubleshooting, fire sprinkler repairs, fire suppression system maintenance, and more.


Illukkumbura Industrial Automation (Pvt) Ltd., is specialized in providing comprehensive maintenance services for electrical and fire systems. We understand the importance of ensuring the ongoing functionality, reliability, and safety of these critical systems within your premises.

Electrical systems require regular preventive maintenance to identify and address potential issues before it escalates into costly breakdowns or safety hazards. Our team of skilled technicians are well-versed in conducting thorough inspections, testing electrical components, and performing preventative maintenance tasks. We follow the industry best practices to keep your electrical systems in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

By partnering with us for your electrical, fire and air-conditioning system maintenance needs, you can rest assured that your systems will be proactively monitored, serviced, and kept in optimal working condition. Our goal is to help you prevent breakdowns, mitigate risks, and ensure the continued safety and functionality of your premises. The dedicated team of ZPI (Zeus Power International) of Illukkumbura Industrial Automation commits to the needs of the customer to enhance the lifespan of their assets through predictive and preventive maintenance.